Research Publicaitons

Research publications are listed below in reverse chronological order (earliest to latest).

PhD Thesis

Mixed-Integer Programming Approaches for some Non-convex and Combinatorial Optimization Problems, Jan 2014

Advisors: Stephen J. Wright, Jeff Linderoth, and James R. Luedtke

Recent Papers

An Asynchronous Parallel Randomized Kaczmarz Algorithm, Arxiv 2014

Ji Liu, Stephen J. Wright, Srikrishna Sridhar

An Approximate, Efficient Solver for LP Rounding, NIPS 2013

Srikrishna Sridhar, Victor Bittorf, Ji Liu, Ce Zhang, Christopher RĂ©, Stephen J. Wright

Models, and Solution Techniques for Production Planning Problems with Increasing Byproducts, Journal of Global Optimization 2014 (Under review)

Srikrishna Sridhar, Jeff Linderoth, and James R. Luedtke

Locally Ideal Formulations for Piecewise Linear Functions with Indicator Variables, Operations Research Letters 2013

Srikrishna Sridhar, Jeff Linderoth, and James R. Luedtke

Optimizing financial effects of HIE: A multi-party linear programming approach, JAMIA 2012

Srikrishna Sridhar, Patricia Flatley Brennan, Stephen J. Wright, and Stephen R. Robinson

Channel Assignment in Multi-Radio WMNs : A Graph-Theoretic Approach, IEEE-COMSNETS 2009

Srikrishna Sridhar, Jun Guo, and Sanjay Jha